Friday, January 28, 2011

Underthinking Drug Trafficking

 So here's an interesting story. Apparently Mexican drug dealers have decided that to get there drugs across the border they will use a catapult. And I don't mean they produce a catapult made out of drugs and then bring it across the border ala Cheech and Chong: Up in smoke.

Entirely made of Marajuana
No these enterprising young men have decided that they will literally catapult the drugs across the border. This seems like a rather archaic way of doing things, surely a cannon, or even a trebuchet would be a more modern way of transporting the drugs? Although I read somewhere that drug dealers used "Drug Mules" to get their drugs across borders ,so they are not exactly up with modern technology.
Pictured: A drug Mule.
Apparently a lot of these mules are caught in airports. Obviously, a mule in an airport is going to be freaking conspicuous

I am pretty sure I could spot a mule here.
But back to the original story so these drug dealers are presumably launching their drugs across the border using a giant catapult. Okay first of all what is the range of a catapult? Surely the distances you could use would be so small the guards on the border are going to notice flying drug packages?

"What the hell are they loading into that catapult?"

Secondly, a drug deal is a transaction, that requires someone with drugs and someone with cash to purchase the drugs. If you are firing the drugs across the border how do you get paid?

"But man, if we throw the drugs across, how do we get the money man?"
You are thinking well that's easy, they just get paid on the internet first, and then fire the drugs across? I don't know about you but drug dealers aren't exactly high up on my people to trust list. Okay then you buy the drugs and they are delivered, once you have received them then you pay. Right? People purchasing drugs are just above drug dealers on my people to trust list.

"We aren't really going to pay for these are we?"
I do like the idea though that America would need a new weapon in their drug enforcement branch to combat these catapulted drugs.

American Anti-Drug Enforcement Team.

If you read the story though, you will notice though they didn't actually find drugs, they just saw some Mexicans with a catapult, maybe they were doing something else?

Pedro couldn't understand why every time his Medieval re-enactment group set up near the American border they got arrested.


  1. If the catapult can send the drugs far enough, then that seems like a pretty sweet way to move them across the border. You never need to touch American soil, the package is small enough that the Americans quite possibly won't notice it flying across and some dude just needs to wander along and pick it up. Heck, they don't even need to pick it up right there and then, they could leave it a few days to make sure there aren't any officials poking around it and then grab their newly acquired drugs.

    Me's thinks you have been underthinking it :P

  2. You are ignoring the payment part of the transaction.
    And how far do you think you could throw something with a catapult?

  3. I think you're not aware how big the Mexican border is. If every border guard and police officer in the states stood on it, they couldn't police the whole length.

  4. You can fire an object up to about 5km. I'm not sure if that is longer or shorter than the "gap" between Mexico and the USA or not.

  5. I forgot to mention that payment is easy to handle.

    You just send over $100 worth of drugs each time. Then you only lose $100 if they decide to rip you off. Once you've made a few thousand off them, you crank it up to $1000 for each throw. Then increase it once you've made 10k or so and keep on going until yer punting million dollar bags of coke over the border.

    Piece of cake, and the worst that'll happen is you lose $100 worth of coke.


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