Monday, January 31, 2011

Underthinking DB Export advertisement

Okay so I don't know how many of you have seen the above commercial. Its about the rise of DB export, and how Morton Coutts took on the governments tax on imported beer. Its a nice story about how Morton decided to make good beer because the government at the time had a high tax on imported beers. The implication of this of course, is that had there not been a high tax on imported beers, Morton would keep producing crappy beer.

"They will drink what I tell them to drink!"
Also there was a wide range of local beers availiable in the 1958. Speights (1876),  Steinlager (1957), Tui(1889) not to mention a multitude of local breweries. So I am not sure why the working man was unable drink due to the tax on imported beer, unless of course the Morton had a monopoly on the local bar, not allowing other NZ beers to be sold.

"You landed on Waitemata, you must drink DB"
The other thing that strikes me about the ad, is the fact the working man appears to just put a random collection of coins on the counter, and waits to see if he can get a beer or not. Is he illiterate? Why doesn't he notice the price is higher and not even try and buy the beer until he has the appropriate amount?
Also the day he gets the DB export he goes through the same routine, so has he been turning up everyday, putting that amount on the counter hoping to get a beer?

"I can't *choke* read, teach me please"
Also who put the illiterate guy in charge of all the working men? Notice in the last segment, no one else buys the beer until the illiterate leader has brought and finished his beer. Did they need to make sure he wasn't going to die, instead of leader was he the guinea pig? Why was everyone one so mistrustful about what Morton Coutts was trying to sell them?

"Gentleman, I have put poison in every third keg"
Also the anti-working man, I assume some sort of lawyer, accountant or mass-murderer, seem to have far better hygiene. Notice when the working men are at the bar, there is a dog on the counter? Notice the dog appears to just pee on the anti-working man, so is obviously not toilet-trained. I mean it is nice to have little pets around, and don't get me wrong I don't condone kicking dogs. But seriously I am sure the health inspector would have a field day if he knew a non-toliet trained dog was wandering around your counter.

"Is that dog peeing on the taps?"


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