Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Underthinking Electrician

So for those of you unaware for the reason I did not post much or at all in December, I was finishing off the first draft of my maters thesis, which I will hopefully complete this month. Currently my supervisor is reading over it, so I have a little bit of time to write things.
One of the incidents during the month of December that almost made me write was the day the underthinking electrician turned up.
As you may or not be aware a lot of my thesis relies on me running simulations that take from a couple of hours to a couple of days to run.

I trained this cat to let me know when things were done
The day began as any other day, with me waking up and remembering I am not a young billionaire drug baron

"Where are those minions?"

After the shock has subsided, I go get some breakfast and head into work, as I entered the entrance to my office something was different there was an open newpaper and some tools. This seemed different then normal, but they weren't in my office so I thought no more on it, until I got into my office, and my computer wouldn't turn on. Panic started to set in, my entire thesis was on this and I had not updated my backup files for a while.
I could not for the life of me work out was wrong, and was this close to calling in CSI to figure out if there was foulplay a foot

"I can be there friday..."

But just then the Underthinking electrician returned, nonchalantly whistling a tune and swinging an extension cord. I stopped this jovial fellow to ask if he had any clues as to why my computer was not working, he said he didn't have a clue......oh wait I flicked a few of the switches off at the main switch board maybe your computer was on one of those. Seemed reasonable and after playing around with the switchboard my computer roared back to life.


This is all fine and you are now wondering why this electrician deserves to be called an underthinker. Well I enquired as to why he had been turning the power swtiches off, was he doing some safety checks or something

"Beat that score on solitaire Jim."

No, apparently he had settled down for his morning tea and to read the newspaper, and apparently the coke machine in the entrance was too loud for him and he needed to shut the noise off. Either I am deaf, or this guy has the most sensitive ears in the world.

"The Decibal reading is off the charts, sitting here is the equivalent of eating under a jumbo jet."
So instead of turning it off at the wall, this delightful chap had decided he was a professional he could use the mains, I mean who would think in an office building containing statisticians anything important would be using the power right now?
Young Fred Williams works on Doctoral thesis using the latest technology
And really he was hired to do something electrical in the building surely his morning tea is on his own time and he should go sit in his van to read his paper, if the building was that annoying for him? or move to one of the several public areas off the entrance to read his paper?

Luckily for this man, nothing was affected by his actions, otherwise his underthinking could have lead to far different results...
"Looks like another case of postgraduate rage Fred"

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