Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Underthinking "The Occupation" Tent sale

So for those of you unaware the DCC has recently had quite a lot of large expenditure. From the Stadium with an identity crisis.

"Hi my name is Forsyth Barr, except when a world cup is on, then you can call me Otago"
 To a giant I am not sure what, but I am pretty sure its gross.

"What size batteries does this take?"

To a million traffic lights, seriously was there a sale on these things or something they are everywhere.

Eventually Dunedin ran out of intersections for there many traffic lights.
And people are complaining they are doing nothing but increase rates to pay for these things. Well I think we all owe the DCC an apology, they have rented the upper half of the Octagon to a group of independent tent salesman, to have a massive tent clearance.

Is it a coincidence, they decided to start their sale at the same time as R & R?
Its a shame it was raining today because it certainly seems to have lessened the interest in the tent sale. Because when I walked past their was no one looking at their tents at all.
Interested Buyer.

Although I am reliably informed some Policemen and private security works have shown a lot of interest in the tents, I hope this tire-kicking has turned into sales.

I think that sign in the corner, is veiled threat to R & R
Now from what I can glean there appears to be several tent companies represented down there. They seem to have formed some sort conglomerate called "The Occupation" to sell their tents.

I think its a little harsh to refer to R & R's sale as Corporate greed. But that's the harsh reality of retail.
Then they have a bunch of signs up above indicating the individual tent salesmen there.

I had no idea tent sales was such a thriving industry.

Some of the individual businesses I spied were





There were plenty more I am sorry if I had left you out. I thought some of them had strange names for tent companies but what do I know. I did like the International Socialist Organisation's slogan "Sick of Market and Neo-liberal bullshit", because the tent industry has become full of corporate speak, so I will definitely consider them next time I am buying a tent.

I am sick of your Market and Neo-liberal Bullshit traditional tent salesman.
I think this a great initiative to raise money for the new things the Dunedin, and promote the independent tent sales. I do have some concerns though. Although they are trying to put a new face on tent sales, some of the exhibitors should consider a haircut and some sort of bathing to boost sales.

I am pretty open minded, but I don't know if i would buy a tent of these people.
They are saying in the papers this tent sale could go for weeks, now i am not sure about your experience but if you leave a tent up for too long you can kill the grass, so I hope they will be shifting their tents around.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Underthinking Mexican Waves.

So last night I attended the Ireland - Italy game in the Otago Stadium, which apparently is located somewhere near Dublin.

Seriously it was just a sea of Green, and Irish accents were all around. It was awesome although I did feel for the Italians, but many of them couldn't make the trip since they are currently defending their homeland from unwanted intruders.

"Oh dear God, they breached the perimeter, we need every man at home to get rid of this pest, before they multiple"

But last night's match further embedded my belief that the people that start Mexican waves are idiots and don't understand the rules. Now don't get me wrong I don't hate the Mexican wave, and I believe it has its place, but I don't think just because you are at a stadium a Mexican Wave needs to be held. First of all why is it called a Mexican wave? Do Mexicans stand up one by one and raise both hands when a friend enters a room?

"Hola Miguel"
Incidentally when I searched Mexican waving on google images all I could find was this.

Do Mexicans even wave?
So perhaps it wasn't this, so I decided to do a bit of research, regarding the nomenclature, apparently despite the Wave existing for many years beforehand the 1986 Mexican FIFA world cup, was when the Wave in its current form was seen by the World outside North America.

Although I think Hitler was toying with a one-armed version as early as 1936.
But yeah its a bit of fun at the Stadium, my major gripe is when the people who start invariable have no understanding of why you do a Mexican wave, normally extremely intoxicated, and most of the time overweight to the point they don't make supporters jerseys in their size.

"Yeah, apparently XXXL is the largest size they make. Annoying right!"
So in my opinion the time for a Mexican wave is when there is a lull in the play on the field, for two reasons. One a whole bunch of people standing up in front of you during an important play is annoying, and two if you want to time your wave correctly you need to be watching it come around so you miss the play when the wave gets close to you. Otherwise you end up being like the kid that claps slightly offbeat from everyone else.

"Almost, almost ..."

So you need to pick the starting point carefully, in Rugby when there is an injury break, in Cricket possibly between overs, tennis between sets etc etc.
But the idiots who start them just do it when they want, showing their ignorance of the game. I found this quote in this blog about Mexican Waves.

"It is better to have others think you are an incompetent fan than to do the wave and remove all doubt."

These people will continue to try start waves even when they have already failed 6 times in the last two minutes when the wave hits fans actually watching the game so the wave dies. At which point the knowledgable fan is booed by the wave starts for being dullards.

"Boo, you paid $250 for your seat, and you are actually watching the game not standing up and sitting down in a methodical manner, Boo"
I mean what other event does this happen, I haven't been to too many operas (fullstop), plays, movies or concerts when the crowd breaks into a Mexican wave during the central monologue, or pivotal scene. Its actually disrespectful to the players, you are essentially saying what you are doing right now isn't entertaining me in the slightest.

"Ok sweetie, when the central protagonist goes in for the kiss, I am totally starting a wave"
The other reason Mexican waves are annoying is that, people normally decide this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of their empty food and drink receptacles by throwing them in the air, which causes a post-wave hazard, as you need to dodge the falling debris.

"Unfortunately Mam, there was Mexican Wave, during a Bricklayers Rally"
Its actually dangerous, and sometimes unhygienic when the empty receptacles have been used in lieu of getting to the loo.

"Wait a minute, they don't sell Mountain Dew here"
So folks, just to summarize if you want to start a successful Mexican Wave, wait for a lull in the game, don't throw projectiles. My final word on this is a Mexican wave is an option, not an obligation.

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