Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Underthinking Twitter's Usefullness

So today I spotted a headline on that read "Twitter saves carjacked man" this caught my attention, I mean I had heard of someone called Twiggy, but Twitter what an unusual name.

Twiggy didn't talk about her brother Twitter that often.
Having a unusual name is cool, but I don't know if it is new worthy, perhaps this Twitter, was some sort of animal who had thwarted the car-jackers?

"Good job Twitter!"
Turns out the story was talking about the website twitter, which is designed to let people send their text messages to everyone in the world instead of to a specific person. I thought this will be interesting maybe the guy tweeted his message and then it got re-tweeted until the car-jacker saw it, and felt bad pulled over and let the guy out.

"Oh wow, I should let that guy out"

Nope wrong again, turns out the guy texted his girlfriend, who tweeted the number plate and told people to be on the look out for that car. Oh that't cool someone saw the tweet and then caught the guys?

"Get out of the car, I know its stolen I saw the tweet"
Not quite, someone, hopefully the girlfriend called the police, who used the man's cellphone to trace the car and arrested the car-jackers and freed the man. This news was then relayed via Twitter. Twitter is then credited with saving this man.

"Wait, What?!"
My thoughts exactly Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, it appears to be that Twitter did nothing in this situation at all it was merely an on-looker in this entire situation that reporter the events as it happened. Remove Twitter from the story the man still gets saved, unless of course the girlfriend didn't ring the police and someone who read the original tweet did.

"Ugh, My stupid boyfriend has been carjacked and  I don't know what to do?"
This is the equivalent of honoring the radio broadcaster who was announcing live how the pilot managed to safely land the jet on the Hudson river. They told you what was happening, but they weren't really implicit in the heroic act.

"Here's the real hero, I just landed the plane, she announced it"
My real question is why did the car-jackers put the guy in the boot, and not just leave him on the side of the road? If you were going to kill him, kill him there, I mean were they planning on dropping him home?

"See ya, hope you enjoyed the carjacking today"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Underthinking Lotto Jackpot

I always apologise for not writing enough, so I won’t today, but attempt to win you back with dedicated writing of the blog, also I have been asked by many people to start it up again.

Can you please write your blog again.

So today I have been thinking about this story, where a checkout operator in training in Countdown has won 26.5 million dollars in the lotto, and has vowed to remain at work. On first glance this seems like a good decision I mean money shouldn’t change your life, and sure he has a lot of money now but it could disappear quickly, so retaining employment is a wise decision, and you don’t want to leave others in the lurch with your sudden departure.  Then I thought a bit deeper about the situation, firstly it is not like it would be hard to replace him, nor is his work so specialized its of vital importance for the company to retain him.

Unlike the safety inspector at Chernobyl –who quit the day after he won lotto with disastrous results 
 Secondly it’s not like he needs the job right now, Labour keeps banging on about the high rate of unemployment, surely he is a position now to step aside and let a schoolgirl do his job. 

Thanks to Trevor, young Mary will never fulfill  her ambition of being a checkout chick.
Thirdly he didn’t win $10000 which is handy but not life-changing he won 26.5 millions which if invested wisely is enough that one never has to work again. At the very least this amount of money gives you a buffer to take a few years out to retrain in a field with a more stable progression path and one in which you won’t be replaced with a computer in a couple of years.

Pictured: Trevor in 1 year.

Although on the wise investment front, I am not sure Trevor is up to it, I mean theoretically he already has no money. On Campbell live last night he said, and I quote "Mate, I could bet you $26.5 million I'll be at that check out tomorrow morning. The company I work for is just one big family, we all look after each other. I couldn't ask for a better place to work.". The story confirms Trevor didn’t show up to work this morning, and in NZ verbal contracts are binding, especially recorded ones. So I guess this means John Campbell is $26.5 million dollars richer.

"Trevor lives here, and I am going to collect on my bet"
Trevor cited the people he works with as a reason to stay in his job, surely at his job it would be frowned upon to just hang out a lot, so Trevor could just arrange to meet his favorite colleagues ever night or every Friday at the local for a drink. Also how much does Trevor actually love his workplace seeing as he brought the winning ticket at a Foursquare, when he works at a Countdown?

Although I have to admit this cheery little fellow is irresistible.
Trevor claimed he lived week-to-week like 90% of people, (I am pretty sure he made up that statistic, 2/3 of people know you can just make up statistics). I am sure on minimum wage he was tight for cash, but surely asking your mum for $50 for petrol so you can show her your 26.5 million winning lottery check is really tight. I think Trevor may have been living day-to-day at best. Surely if you have a guaranteed 26.5 million coming, you could splurge on a tank of gas.

"Andddd......that's 2pm, now I can fill up'
The other interesting point of this story is where Trevor is described as “NZ most eligible bachelor”, interesting no source is given, I am guessing his mum said that. I don’t mean to be presumptuous but I don’t think being lucky enough to win lotto is a trait women tend to look for in a mate. The type of woman you attract, that have bank balance at the top of their ideal qualities in a mate are probably not the type Trevor wants or needs. Incidentally I am pretty sure Cleo just named NZBachelor of the year last week and Trevor wasn’t even in the running.

Maybe I am mistaken and this guy was just the last person to win a large lotto jackpot, I mean why else would ladies be attracted to him??

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