Thursday, November 18, 2010

Underthinking it phone repair

Recently my cellphone stopped working correctly. I mean I could still browse the web, or send texts, take pictures, play sudoku, make memo's etc.
At this point you are asking yourself well what is wrong with you phone, it seems to do everything a phone should do. Well not quite everything....

"That's right I want 5000 loaves and fishes delivered to Bethsaida.."

That's right I couldn't do what Jesus is doing there, I couldn't have a conversation on my phone. Which when you break it down is probably the primary reason to have a cellular phone. Now what I say is not entirely true, the reason I couldn't talk was because the speaker wasn't working on my phone so I couldn't hear the person on the other end. I could get around this by putting the phone on loudspeaker, it's speaker seemed intact, however its not always ideal to be talking on speaker phone.

"Mr Johnson the test results are back you have Crabs...."

So I decided since my phone was less than a year old to take it down to the store I brought it from to see if they could fix it. To start with I don't think the guy believed me, since he decided he would test it by ringing himself. Now maybe he is knows what I am doing, but if it was me, I wouldn't know if the voice I was hearing was my actually voice, or one coming through the phone.

"I think it is working I can hear my voice..."
But after some juggling of the two phones he deduced I was actually telling the truth about my phone being broken, and not just spending my Saturday afternoon wasting his time with phony complaints.

"Ha ha I was just kidding there is nothing wrong with my phone, I just wanted some one to talk to..."
So now I am informed it will take 10-15 working days to repair, and would I like a replacement? Um no thank you I will just be uncontactable for 3 weeks. Of course I wanted a replacement, so out the back he went and returned with the loaner.

Artist's Rendition of the Phone I was given
Now seriously I am no phone salesmen, but to me the loaner phone situation is the perfect opportunity to sell someone a a quality phone, if you loan them a decent phone that works really well, and they use it for 3 weeks they may think you know what I really like this phone, I think I will upgrade.
But instead they give you probably one of the first phones ever invented.

"No this is 002, you want 001.."
Firstly this phone has no USB connection so you cannot easily transfer your contacts across, I know some people can fit all their contacts on a SIM but not I. I have an old SIM and I have more than 100 numbers stored in my phone. I have 4 people whose names start with Z in my phone, I actually have a person with every letter in the alphabet except X. I have 10 Matthews.

But none of them are this Matthew

But since my loan phone doesn't let me transfer numbers across, I currently have 25 numbers on this phone, and they are the people who have texted me in the last 3 weeks. And even some of those people I have forgotten to save their numbers.
 So that's Strike one on the loan phone.

Secondly I had to pay an $80 bond on this loan phone in case I stole it, or lost it. Well firstly the replacement cost of this phone would be about $3 I think on current market values. And anyone that wants to steal it, is the dumbest criminal in the world, what are they going to do with it? Use it to smash a store window to steal something of value?

I am glad I stole that phone, so I could steal this ipod
Lose it? How the hell am I going to lose this phone, it is huge, and a brick. Its not going to fall out of my pocket, well it might but through the bottom of my pocket in which case I would feel it, probably leave a scar on the top of my foot. Even if it did fall out I am sure I would notice I am no longer walking with a limp, from the weight of it, in my pocket.

"Yeah my phone fell out my pocket again.."

Strike 2 Loan Phone.

Thirdly I put my phone in to repair on the 30th of October! That is 19 days ago, I know they said 10-15 working days, but define working. Surely somewhere someone is working on any day of the week you name. Yes for the average Joe, Monday-Friday is probably the working week, but then they should have said up to 3 business weeks. Besides when I went in to inquire where my phone was, last week, I went in on a Sunday.
And guess what the sales lady was doing. Working!, so if she is working on the Sunday why shouldn't other members of the company also be working?
I guess working is a stretch when I walked in she was on a personal call, and when I asked about my phone, she just said we will call you when it gets here.
If she was actually working she might have pretended to check a computer or make a phone call, and tell me they are still working on it, and her humblest apologies....

Strike 3 loan phone

So if you are wondering where you regular text from me is, then you should text me so I can have your number, because at the time of writing I still don't have my phone, I miss it so much....

Come Back Phone...

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