Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Underthinking getaway vehicle

So today I saw this story . It is about a lady that had a "bomb" thrown at her from a moving van, in Green Island. First of all, for those of you, who don't live in Dunedin, Green Island is a complete misnomer.

A/ Its not Green, by any stretch of the imagination, it is a urban area so is mostly grey. Even using Captain Planet's definition of green : caring about the planet, doesn't work. Green Island is home to the Dunedin tip, sure it houses some recyling but for the most part things there are perishable.

"I am very disappointed in you Green Island"

B/ Its not an Island, its not even on the coast, so I am not sure how the person naming it got confused, I mean its not like they confused a pennisula with an island.

Pictured: Not an Island.
Perhaps the dicoverer of Green Island was trying to trick people into moving there, much like how Erik the Red named Greenland to entice settlers.

Eric the Red Hatted trucker, discoverer of Green Island
But I digress the main part of the story was about a woman having a "bomb" thrown at her by some youths driving a green van.

Prime Suspects.

I read on the suspects vehicle was a green van with a skull sticker, and 46 cm Mag wheels. (Who is reporting Mag wheel size in metric by the way?).  Now I am no expert, but if you want to commit a random act of violence you should probably pick an inconspicous vehicle so that people can't identify you.
Try google search "Green van with a skull sticket and Mag wheels"

This is the Number 1 result, I presume the van is hidden behind that group of youths
There isn't even a picture of a standard green van on the first 6 pages, let a lone a highlighted one, do you know why? Because they are rarer then hen's teeth, which apparently don't exist so that saying is a little bit underthought, how can you have something rarer than something that doesn't exist, it should be as non-existent as hen's teeth. (unless the chicken has been altered by a scientist).

"Stupid scientist, now I have to get annual checkup"

If I was so inclined I would commit random acts of violence out of a red car, go on google image search that. For the first 8 pages there is nothing but pictures of red cars, then inexplicitly a blue boat.

Page 8 on goole image search, is apparently the exact opposite of what you want page.


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