Friday, January 21, 2011

Underthinking Fox Hunting

So recently I read this story about a Belarussian man who got shot by a fox while hunting. Now, I don't know much about foxes, but I don't recall them having opposable thumbs, let alone rifles to shoot humans.
Apparently the foxes in Belarus have adapted to modern life
As it turns out the fox managed to pull the trigger on the gun, while the hunter was trying to finish the wounded fox off with the butt of his rifle. This raises two questions

1/. Why was he trying to finish off the fox with the butt of his rifle, how expensive are bullets in Belarus?

$25000 for 6 bullets?
Okay so it turns out they are quite expensive, no wonder he was trying to bludgeon the fox. It's actually a wonder there was even a bullet in the gun, for the fox to shoot him?

2./ How slowly was he attempting to finish the fox off with the butt of his rifle, that the fox could grab the trigger?

Was this guy just placing the gun on the fox's head and hoping this would be enough to kill it. I can't claim to have killed many animals by hitting them on the head, but I would imagine you would need to use quite some force. Otherwise a lot of people's childhood would be a lot more traumatic

Young Billy didn't know it, but she was about to kill Sparky.
Although to give this guy credit at least he was trying to kill the fox himself, upon researching this post, I looked into fox hunting. Like most of you I am sure, the fox hunting I am familiar with is the people in the red jackets riding horses, following a pack of hounds.

"Alright, which one of you ate my horse"
I always assumed the guys on the horses were following the hounds to find a fox so they could shoot it. Just using the hounds to flush the fox out. Well as it turns out the hounds kill the fox, so really all the people are doing is following a dog around while it hunts. I think this just goes to show how much more people love dogs than cats.

"F*** you guys, I hunt too. You never follow me with your stupid horses"

It also makes me think, if the people are just following dogs hunting foxs, maybe the animal right activists are are blaming the wrong thing, its not the people on the horse that are the problem.

This lady knows who the real criminals are.


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