Thursday, January 13, 2011

Underthinking it ID cards

So the other day I needed to get a new Student ID card for the 2011 year, as well as a Staff ID. Both of these are at Otago University and both of these cards are produced by the same ID office. So I assumed (wrongly as it turns out) that I would be able to show up get one photo taken of myself and that could be used on both cards.
Firstly apparently props and hats are not acceptable in an ID photo, so I had to go home and get changed.

Not acceptable for ID photo apparently probably too debonair
So once I returned and had lined up and got to the front I preened myself for the impending photo....

Needs more preening
The photo was taken my day was done, I no longer was required to pose for photographs. It takes a lot of work to look ridiculously good looking for ID photos and I don't like doing it more than once in a week.

This is what I look like without preening or posing.

 But wait as I was filling in the form for my staff ID I was informed I would be required to pose again for my student ID. I inquired why they couldn't just use the same photo. Apparently its for security issues?
This makes no sense whatsoever? Surely taking two photos creates security issues, since I could let someone else step into the second photograph, by using one photograph it is definitely me in both photographs. Two photographs could lead to this.

Aaron : Student

LOOK over there....oh you missed it, go on take the next photo.

Aaron : Staff
I mean obviously this would require a blind staff member or coming back on mulitple days, but it would definately be doable.
"Hey, Are you here for your ID card?"

By restricting the user to one photograph then you can avoid this issues, unless of course I get my felt tip pens out and alter one of my ids and give it to by good friend Guido T. Haverstom III.

Guido T. Haverstom III


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