Monday, January 10, 2011

Holidaying Underthinking it styles Part 3

The trip to twizel began with me and Ian remembering that we had purchased day fishing liscences for the trip to Poolburn, and in all the commotion we had forgotten to put the rods in the water. So with 3 hours remaining on our legal right to fish we decided to dip the lines in at Lake Dunstan. Unfortunately the fish were not as worried about us spending $22 as we were, and the best we could manage was one bite, but the fish got off. This was not as successful as the last time I went freshwater fishing in the Amazon Basin...

Safe to say these are my lucky fishing pants.

We left the lake with no fish, but we had fun, and if fun isn't worth $22 I don't know what is?

This green laser pointer apparently

The next part of the day was uneventful, we cruised through to twizel, and spent the rest of the day playing backyard cricket, putting up the tents and sitting in the sun. I also took this moment to introduce to another set of people to my prowess in the Speights bottle caps questions.
For those unfamiliar, Speights bottle caps contain Sports trivia questions on the bottom

My ability to answer these questions began when I was 10 and I found a bottle cap on the lakefront at Wanaka. Since then I have loved answering the questions, and I have gotten quite good at it, most questions I can answer half way through the question, and some I can tell you the question if you give me the answer. I don't know if this makes me smart, or just a heavy drinker

My only known Trivia competitors.

Turns out one of the guys with us, was the official piper for Twizel, and he was going to pipe in the new year with Auld Lang Syng. This guy was drinking straight whiskey, and a lot of it, I think he polished a bottle off in less than 4 hours. I was concerned he was being put on a roof to pipe in the new year, I could feel a repeat of so I married an axe murderer coming on.

Piper Down! We got a Piper Down!
Fortunately the piper made it down from the roof unscathed, and we had a good night that was topped off, by the discover of a pie store. Thats right a store dedicated to selling pies, all pies $4, so a little steep, but thats all they did, so you know they were quality pies. And there is nothing like a good pie, after a long night.
Unfortunately for one of our party, who had raced home he missed the pie store, and was utterly devastated after we all raved about the pie store. So the next day he set off to find it, and he searched the town high and low, but he couldn't find it. My theory is that it was a magical pie store that only exists on new years eve. Either that or my new friend was not a very good searcher.

I could have sworn there was a pie store here last night

So that concludes my new years, there of course other events that transpired in the following days that could be construed as part of the holiday, but I am sure you are bored of my holiday by now. So I will quickly sum up...

I went to a cowboy bar.....
No sign of Taylor though...
 I did however grab the attention of someone at the bar.

Not who I had hoped for to be honest

Meet some Danish tourists....

Typical Danish youth

But rest assured underthinking your travel plans always leads to good results.....

You checked for Ice Bergs before we left right?


  1. I'm reasonably sure I saw your clone at the Queenstown Sevens.

  2. Dear Titanic

    Love Iceberg

  3. Hmmm I like your summary Louise. Concise.......

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