Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Underthinking Winter X

So I was watching the the Winter X games on tv last night. For those of you unfamiliar the Winter X games, it is pretty much a week where young adults try and come up with better ways of falling down a mountain in a controlled manner. While another set of adults judge their falls, whilst making up names for what they are doing.

Despite the athletism shown the Alley-oop Mc-land-on-your-head doesn't score so well.
The crowds these events are normally rebellious people that shun convention and show their uniqueness by wearing mismatched and ill-fitting ski attire, just like everyone else in the crowd.

Only on a ski-field is it acceptable to match purple and green.

Unless you are an educational dinosaur
Given the crowd of people watching the X-games you would presume that the major sponsor of the event would be some sort of energy drink, or a colour-blind foundation. But no the major sponsor of the Winter X games is the US navy. WAIT! What? First of all the navy is filled with people that wear clothes that not only match but also fit.

And not one of them is falling down.
Secondly, the Navy patrols the world's oceans. Now I don't know about you but the ocean is the antithesis of a mountain. One is a large mound, the other a large hole. As a general rule one is inland and one is on the coast. In large countries such as America a lot of kids from the mountains wouldn't even know what an ocean looks like.

"What the hell is that!"
I was about to say no Navy in the world would go anywhere near a mountain. But then I recalled I almost got shot by one such Navy for not stopping as they lowered the flag.

The Bolivians don't have a coast, but that doesn't stop them having a navy.

The Bolivian navy patrols Lake Titicaca in the Andes, and stops those mistrustful Peruvians sneaking into their country.

Sneaky Peruvian....don't believe me see here
 But the Winter X games is sponsored by the US navy, not the Bolivian one, so the mountain exposure would be minimal. I don't claim to be a marketing expert but if you wanted to target any group of slackers to join your defensive force on the ocean surely there is a better option...

Look at all those potential sailors, with plenty of ocean knowledge.
The other thing that annoys me about this arrangement, is the fact they sneak Navy facts into the coverage. They keep saying the Super-pipe is larger than the biggest submarine that the US Navy has. So? I have no idea how big that is, I like most people don't keep up-to-date  with submarine sizes.

As big as the X-games super-pipe apparently

That is not a good frame of reference. You are comparing something that I have no concept of how big it is, to something I equally have no idea about a regular size. The idea of giving a frame of reference is to compare something unknown to something everyday so I can relate. Hence why football fields or buses get used a lot for large objects, because most people have a rough idea how large that is.

In fact I think they are proposing to make Bus an SI unit

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