Friday, February 18, 2011

Salute to Overthinkers - Dave Allen

I just stumbled across this video, by the great Irish comedian Dave Allen. In it he tries to explain to a young child how to read an analogue clock. When you think about it, this does seem like one of the most confusing ideas in the universe.

"Wait you are telling me sometimes a 1 is a 5?"

With the advent of digital watches, and the like, I guess the need to be able to read an analogue watch is not so great. But my dad was telling me when he was in school the teacher used to spend 3 months teaching telling the time. I guess that's why people like to wear analogue watches it conveys to others that you are intelligent , because you understand how a watch works.

"That's right ladies, I can tell the time"

I wonder if that's what inspired Flava Flav

"I am the most intelligent man in the world, look at the size of my watch"
Anyway, I better get back to work enjoy, the work of Dave Allen. He also has some great thoughts on supermarkets, banks, and airplanes as well as many other ideas. Unfortunately he is now gone, but his comedy lives on.


  1. That was lazy Aaron I am disappointed, he in fact never pointed out to said child that there are 60 minutes in a hour no wonder the child was confused

  2. Valid. I have a lot of work on today though, and besides the video goes for 6 minutes, and most people only spend 2-3 minutes on each post, so really I gave them much much more.

    I will make up, when I have more time promise....


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