Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Underthinking Back to the Future: The leftovers.

Okay you may have noticed over the last 3 weeks, that each Wednesday I have been commenting on the Back to the Future Trilogy (Doc Brown, Back to the Future II). The reason for this is Tuesday's in my flat are Trilogy Tuesday, where each week we watch a movie from a trilogy. Because let's face it 3 is better than 2.

Sure Double rainbow is impressive, but if it was triple that guy would have exploded.

So last night we watched Back to the Future 3, to conclude the first trilogy series, so today I will wrap up the Back to the Future Trilogy with some leftover points that were worrying me.

The Mcfly genes

Okay here is a photo of Marty eating dinner with his Great-Great grandfather.

"Thank god I didn't inherit the Ginger hair."
Apart from the moustache and the ginger hair, they are virtually identical so the McFly's have obviously got the world's strongest genes, seeing as all the features are passed down on their side. For example Marty Mcfly Jnr.
"What an Ugly kid."

Note again that Marty's son looks exactly the same as him, so the McFly genes are obviously very strong. The males in the family always look the same. Well.....

Maybe looking identical to your Father skips every 3rd and 4th generation
So that is strange, but the most concerning thing is not how all the males look the same, below is a photo of Maggie and Seamus McFly. Marty's great-great-grandparents on his FATHER's side.

Okay nothing too strange there, they look like a lovely couple. Now look at a photo of Marty's mother.

Lorraine BAINES (serious hottie)

WHAT?! How does Marty's mother look exactly the same as his paternal great-great-grandmother? What is going on here? Did Maggie McFly have an affair with a Baines and then adopt the child out, and it just so happened two generations later the families were rejoined? Or did Marty's family just interbreed for multiple generations?
Either way, I am pretty sure thats why Marty never takes his socks off......

This what happens when you breed with blood relatives.

Cheap Walkie Talkies

In Back to the Future II, Marty and Doc procure some cheap walkie talkies from the 1950's. We see them open the packet and immediately start using them so there is no evidence Doc somehow enhanced them.

High quality Walkie Talkies.
I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, the range of cheap walkie talkies was quite often a lot less than the distance you could actually just yell to the intended listener.

"Nah, I still can't hear you"
But in the movie Doc and Marty's walkie talkies appear to work through walls, across the city at least 5 km apart. How is this remotely possible? The second part that makes no sense is the volume coming out of the speaker of this walkie talkies, I am not sure if you have ever used them but normally the noise coming out is quiet and unintelligable.

"Oh go to Blenheim, I thought you said wear Denim"
Yet Doc and Marty manage to use the Walkie Talkies as Doc is wandering down the side of a steam locomotive, and with the the walkie talkie in his pocket no the less, he can hear every command Marty is giving him. So either they are on the world's quietest Steam Train, or Doc Brown has a hidden bluetooth headset.

"You can see my Bluetooth?"
I will leave you with this.....


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