Friday, February 25, 2011

Underthinking Castle Street

So this morning I was walking down the Castle street, admittedly this is O-week so its a dangerous time to be doing such a thing.

Castle Street during O-week
But you know I dress appropriately for the walk in the morning so I am fine.

"Just off down to the dairy on Castle Street"

But a couple of things got me thinking.

1. Glass on the road

I don't know if I have seen anything more beautiful than Castle street on an early morning as the sun hits the glass strewn across the street and it glistens. It is a beautiful juxtaposition of beauty coming out of destruction.
But I do wonder how the Castle Streetians manage to create such a beautiful glistening, I mean....

...this is what a broken bottle looks like.

This is what the glass on Castle Street looks like
What is going on? Obviously this glass can not be caused by some one finishing their drink and throwing their bottle onto the road, is someone actually sitting there crushing glass and pouring it on the road?

The hard work of Fred of Castle Street is never acknowledged
That is the only conclusion I can some up with such is the fineness of the glass strewn across the street. But why are they doing this? Why is Fred crushing glass and pouring it on the street? Maybe he read steps 2 and 3 of this article about how you can used crushed glass to make asphalt roads last longer. Although I do suspect you should mix the glass in the asphalt making process as opposed to just sprinkling it on top.

"Aw crap I forgot to put the glass in, no matter I just put it on top later"

2/ Burnt couches

Aside from the crushed glass, the Castle Streetians like to leave burnt out couches around, I guess to make the kids from war torn countries feel more at home or something?

I pretty sure I have seen similar photos in Mogadishu
 But what I don't understand is where are all these couches coming from? Seriously I have been at university for like *cough* 8 *cough* years now, and most weeks there is a new burnt couch or two on the street. Based on the fact there is a  13 and 12 week semester, that is at least 385 burnt couches in my time. And these are nice couches too, its not like they need to be burnt.

"What are you talking about this is still comfy"
Instead of burning the couches and dealing with the consequences in the morning.

"Did you burn the couch again?, Goddamnit"
I mean that's just annoying, having to replace your couches weekly. I mean its not like they lack flammable material on that street. If you have ever seen Castle street there are all ways mountains of rubbish there.

Castle Street.
 The city recognises this by giving them a giant skip once a month or something. To solve a whole bunch of problems why doesn't the DCC buy Castle Streetians a giant Brazier, so that once a week they can have an outdoor fire in the street, the couch shortage in NZ will be averted, and it will rid the street of a lot of rubbish.

Like this, but much much bigger.


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