Friday, February 4, 2011

Salute to Overthinkers - Kelly Pickler Defense

So previously I indicated I would post some videos and pictures saluting other overthinkers. So I have found another candidate

WHAT?! I hear you screaming from your various computers, this lady is clearly an underthinker, she is unaware that Europe is not a country. How can you possible think that this woman is an overthinker?
Well bear with me, note that during the video she mentions various European countries including France, and Turkey, so she is aware these places exist.

Look at the map Azzy, they are quite clearly distinct places

The fact that she didn't realise these places were countries is a concern but let me show you another map.

Notice that all the States are different colours despite being in the same country
Perhaps Kelly has deeper knowledge of the workings of European politics than we give her credit for, and she was confused to why those places think they are independent countries and not merely states.

1/ Size

The area of USA is 9 million square kilometres and is home to 308 million people. Europe is only 10 million square kilometres (depending on where you place Russia) and is home to 700 million people.
So sure it has twice as many people but it is only 10% larger by area than the USA, so by that logic why wouldn't Europe just be an overcrowded USA.

Kelly Pickler's view of Europe.
2/ Monetary System

So size and population is probably not a good reason to think that a place is a country as a opposed to a collection of states. But all over Europe with the exception of a few holdouts, they use the same money. The Euro

"Oh I say, I wouldn't touch the filthy Euro. Rule Britannia I say, give me some trustworthy Pounds Sterling"
3/. The EU

Not only do the share a monetary system but there is a shared political power known as the EU, which does not enact laws for individual members, but ensures overall there is free movement of people, goods, services and capitals between the members. Surely this setup is very similar to how the federal government works in the USA, whereby the individual states can have different laws, but the citizens of one state are free to move between all the states.

If you are a member of an EU country you are free to work and live in the other member states, without changing nationality or gaining residency in other member states. This is not how most country's work, if I want to leave NZ and work in Canada I have to jump through a lot of hoops.

"Can I work in your country now?"
4/. Flags

What about the flags I hear you say each of the countries have their own flags.
So? So do all the USA states, having a flag doesn't a country make. (Yoda) Whether or not the design was mistake or not...

That bear is meant to be a pear...don't believe me see here

I am not sure who their artist was....

"A BEAR, why would you want a BEAR"
But you say the USA also has an overall flag. So....

What do you call this.

5./ Languages

The European Union consists of member countries with many different languages, the USA only speaks English.
Really?? American is the 5th largest Spanish speaking country in the world. There is a lot of French spoken in Lousiana, and Dutch German in Pennslyvania.
Not everyone in the USA talks like Kelly Pickler.

So I put it too you, perhaps Kelly Pickler is a forward thinker, and realises the the EU is well on the track to becoming a giant country just like the USA.

So the question should have been rephrased, Budapest is the capital of what European State?

Or maybe not, but who cares....

Kelly Pickler looks like this - Your argument is invalid


  1. great work Az! ive missed your sense of humor and keen eye for detail.. havent caught your blog this year.. wrapt to see there is so much for me to catch up on!

    This salute to Keely Picker personifies your ability to see overthunk insight is the dullest of places.. kudos ehoa.

  2. Way to give the pretty girl the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately there is too much doubt for me after seeing the rest of the episode - did not know roadrunner was a bird, thought a piccolo was a percussion instrument (and she's a musician) and was extremely proud of herself for knowing that watermelon has 2 e's.

  3. Yeah Cheers Phil

    If you meet Kelly Pickler tell her I am single, and I was standing up for her.



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