Thursday, February 24, 2011

Underthinking the Death of my computer

So yesterday was a sad day in the life of this underthinker. The beloved work computer, known affectionately as Iota, that I had been using for the last 2 years crashed 5 times in a row before eventually not restarting at all.

"Damnit Iota, don't you die on me, don't you die on me"
 I mean I am ashamed to admit this, but I have probably spent more time with Iota than I have spent with anyone else in the last 2 years, and know he is gone. We had been through a lot, I surfed the web, checked my emails, the majority of my masters was written on Iota, and most of my blog posts were constructed there.
We had some great times together
 It is hard to fathom now, he is no longer there. We had laughed together when I wrote my first joke, we had cried together when my code wouldn't work, Iota even comforted me through some emotional periods of my life.

Iota: "Cheer up Aaron, look I will show you "Charlie bit my finger again""
And sure we had had our share of fights, mostly when I told him to run some simulations on my project and he would just spit back errors, he was stubborn that way.

But after a few apologies from me, and another look at a hilarious video or picture together we were back on the best of terms. He was great like that never held a grudge. I remember the time that he ran two CRT monitors, other computers told him he looked stupid but he didn't care, he was unique and wouldn't conform to societies rules.

He looked like an idiot, but I loved him (in a platonic way)

So yesterday when he started to fail, I initially thought he was just playing a joke on me, but then it got worse.
 It is tough because it wasn't expected, I mean for weeks he had just been fine chugging away doing the work. I guess I missed some signs, he was slowing down and taking longer to do things, but you know I just put that down to old age.
And even after the first 3 crashes he bounced back just fine, but then on the fifth the IT guys came over and delivered the news.
"I am sorry....there was nothing we could do.."

They took Iota away to be scrapped for parts, because he would have wanted it that way, in his death another computer might have the chance to live.

I guess my biggest regret is we were so close to finishing my masters together, and now he want be there for the final step, and that brings me sadness because he worked just as hard as I did.

"Don't worry Iota, I am going to finish my masters for you"


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