Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where to begin...

Inspired by the recent success of my various status updates on facebook. I thought I might like to give this blogging thing a nudge.
This could of course, turn into the realisation that I am not actually that witty or funny when I have more than 421 characters to pad out with my thoughts, but then again I have nothing to lose.

I could start by expanding upon the status updates that lead to this particular blog being setup, but that would be cheating and living of past glories (at this point I realise that in fact people liking or commenting on you status may not be considered a glory in most peoples' eyes, but since most likely I will be the only one reading this that doesn't matter). For those of you who would like to see my various thoughts on Star wars, hair maintenance or undiscovered unabridged, let me know and I may consider posting them in various greatest hit posts.

Instead I will wait until I am inspired to ramble about something, it could be something I read on the interweb, heard on the wireless, or simply something I see out the window. This tends to happen to me quite frequently as I am trying desperately to avoid writing my thesis. So stay tuned.......


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