Monday, August 9, 2010

Lisa Lewis, a champion underthinker
In this article about Lisa Lewis, a person who seems to have a hotline to Fairfax. Seriously this lady sneezes and it seems to make the news. She actually has contributed nothing to society, but Fairfax thinks we should hear about her once a week.

I was going to post a photo of her here, but then decided I do not want to contribute to getting her face even more well-known. Also I couldn't find any photos that I thought were tasteful.

This woman has managed to turn her 15 minutes of fame, from "streaking" a Rugby game in 2006 into 4 years of fame. During the infamous "streak" she was wearing a bikini, so proclaiming it a streak is a bit of a stretch. Pitch invasion at worst

Streakers are getting more ambitious these days apparently. Where were the security guards while this was being setup.

While in an attempt to replicate the famous Marilyn Monroe and JFK incident, sang John Key happy birthday.
There are a few key differences though.
1. Marilyn Monroe was a famous beautiful woman of the the time. Lisa Lewis is a woman
2. JFK and Marilyn Monroe were in the room at the same time. Lisa Lewis filmed her attempt on, posted it on Youtube, and then emailed a link to John Key.

I admit there are some similarities
1. John Key and John Kennedy, have the same initials excluding their middle names
2. Lisa Lewis and Marilyn Monroe have alliteration in names that are not there own.

Dear Mr JFK, Please find enclosed 16 mm film of me singing you Happy Birthday...

But really not the same at all....

Dear Ms Monroe, I appreciated the film of you singing me Happy Birthday
My personal favourite part of this article though was this quote hidden halfway through it.

"I want to fly to Afghanistan," she [Lisa Lewis] said. "I've done naked sky diving." 

What? Those things aren't even mildly related. Okay I concede they both involve airplanes, but that's where the link ends.
One involves going to a active warzone where danger lurks on every corner. The only real danger in the other is some sort of severe chaffing. (Yes maybe the chute will fail, but I think you that you are more likely to die while riding a bike. In 2006 there were 21 deaths out of 2.2 million jumps. Seems relatively safe to me)

NZ new method of training troops is questionable at best
I don't actually see why having done a naked skydive qualifies her to go to Afghanistan, anymore then the fact I have flown around the world qualifies me to go to the moon. When I say I flew around the world I mean on a commercial jet, piloted by qualified people, I don't want you going around telling your friends I have been claiming to have completed a  solo circumnavigation or anything.....

Lisa Lewis is Underthinking. BOOM!


  1. Yeah I don't really know how she continues to get publicity. The Naked News host has really punched above her weight getting publicity.

  2. pitch invasion,-- made me laugh. do not know this Lisa Lewis person, sounds as if I should be glad I dont.

  3. I saw that quote about sky-diving naked, I also was confused about the context. Im thinking she hit her head or something when she landed

  4. This one is good. keep up the good work!..

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