Friday, August 27, 2010

We do less, You pay more- Underthinking

I am sure you have noticed that in today society things are costing more and more money, that just the way capitalism works.
What I don't understand is why  are we paying more for things that have less done to them than the alternative?
Surely the way pricing should work is that the more that has gone into a product the higher the cost.

Probably the next lecture in Levi's series on Economics.

The first item that I don't understand is buying organically grown product? I mean I understand that their are arguments for it being better for environment and safer for you to eat etc.
But why are we paying more for it, the capital outlay on an organic farm is very low.
For example to grow organic meat, you need an animal and a field. If you live in most parts of the world your choice of animals is limited to chicken, pigs, sheep and cows. If you live in weird places like France your choices are more varied.

French Horses have had to adapt due to the French diet.

To grow non-organic meat, you need an animal and the field, but also fertilizer, pesticide, drenches, food supplement, and no soul (according to buyers of organic food)

Non-organic Farmer

So what I want to know is why does organic meat cost twice the price as non-organic meat when about a quarter of the effort to grow the product is going in?
Things seem to be backwards here. The organic farming cost less to do, yet they sell their goods for more money what are they doing with this surplus cash?

Organic Farmers Tractor

You know where else you get this less capital outlay  but higher cost, is Stonegrill restaurants. You know those places you go and they give you a hot rock and the ingredients and you cook your own dinner. Yet the meal cost the same.

How does this work? I pay more for food at a restaurant because a chef can prepare the food better than I can, at a stone grill all the chef is doing is chopping ingredients and cooking rocks. And to be fair cooking rocks is pretty hard to screw up.

You can tell when the rock is done when there are no more juices coming out
At a stone grill I am responsible for the quality of my own food, surely there should be some sort of discount given here. 
Also how safe is it giving a patron a hot rock with out any safety equipment?
There are a lot of idiots out there. And I imagine there has at been at least one person somewhere in the world that has thought
"I wonder how hot the rock actually is"
This is surely a lawsuit waiting to happen, I have never been to a Stonegrill restaurant in America, I wonder if they exist.

At American Stone grills you not only get a hot rock but also this fetching ensemble.

Incidentally whilst researching this article I discovered this photo.

This appears to be a takeaway Stonegrill restaurant, how could this possible work?
Do they give you a hot rock wrapped in newspaper, or in a plastic or styrofoam container?
This is the one place I could see where stone grill would have higher overheads than a traditional methods. The cost of the take home container for the stone is surely cost-prohibitive.

Stone grilled delivery


  1. Yeah the stonegrill one is an interesting one. It costs so much more for the novelty of cooking your own meal. This means that the kitchen staff don't have to waste their time doing it, but you pay more for the right.

    Another one is booking movie tickets online. There is a surcharge of $1.20+GST per ticket. So you pay extra to print your tickets off beforehand.

  2. i think organic farming costs more because less produce is produced that is good enough to sell. most it is taken down by paracites n stuff. so ya get a lot less return for a hole shite load of effort heance charging more. where non organic farming they chuck that stuff out there add a little but of cheap poison and vola! lots of fruit

    as for stone grils NOW THERES A SCAM!@#$%^


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