Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When parkers underthink.

Just to clarify, when I am talking parkers I am referring to people who are leave their vehicles on the side of the road or in a building, for the purpose of temporary storage, not Lady Penelope's driver.

Parker loved casual Fridays

Today well helping a friend parallel park into a park he had deemed impossible, a gross exaggeration by the way, I realised that a lot of people put no thought into their parking what so ever. How often do we see this

Better give myself room to get out.
These people deem their car is so important it needs to take up enough space for about 3 average cars. Are they afraid they won't be able to get out of their park, if they park to close to the car in front or behind?
Were they unaware power-steering was invented in 1932? and has been available in most cars built after the 80's. What exactly do they think they are driving that it requires 3 metres either side of the vehicle for them to leave?

I love my Hyundai, but it is really hard to find a park for it around town
These are the same people who feel that angle parking lines are really just a guide and as long as they are pretty much in there, then its fine.

Yeah, I am on an angle it should be fine..
Who are these people and why are they in such a rush that they don't have the time to readjust their vehicle? The thing is with this parking once one person gets out of kilter they put the whole lot out entirely, so please allow 30 seconds - 1 minute in your busy schedule for parking readjustment. Who is scheduling their errands so tightly, they can't afford this? Surely a missed traffic light, or a slow driver would throw you out more than this. My only guess is these people are on the run from the law.

I definitely won't have time to park correctly

The next type of parker I will introduce you too, is the person who takes 5-10 minutes after they have entered the car before they leave their park. What are they doing? Performing pre-drive checks? Having a quick nap? Have they forgotten how to drive and trying to remember what to do?

OMG, I have totally forgotten what to do...

My personal favourite is the double-parker complete with hazard lights. These parkers thought pattern seems to be "I have put my hazard lights on therefore I have the right to block the flow of traffic anywhere I like".
Hazard light don't double as parking spots, and people should kindly refrain from using them as such.

What a sweet parking spot, can't believe no-one has taken it

When these parkers underthinking they are affected others. This reminds us all that Underthinking is not a victimless crime.


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