Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Underthinking Bullies (and the academic responses to them)

So I just read this article, it is in relation to the Casey Heyne vs Richard Gale incident that has been broadcast all around the world. If you haven't seen it here it is:

In the video the big kid (Casey) is being harassed by the smaller kid (Richard), who is clearly punching him in the face. The "expert" Dr Michael Carr-Gregg in the article above claims that Casey did the wrong thing by fighting back he should have just walked away.

Seeing the titles of his books I suspect Dr Carr-Gregg was/is a bully himself
 This is the advice all these so-called experts give, if you just walk away the bully will get bored and leave you alone. The only conclusion I can come to is that these experts were bullies themselves and are just trying to make it easier for bullies, because I have never seen if real-life the just walking away approach work, not in humans and not in nature.

"Just ignore him, Gary, he will go away, just ignore him"
Lets examine the Casey vs Richard incident, firstly Richard was obviously banking on Casey ignoring him, because Casey has about a foot and about 50 kilograms on him, there is no way he would win this fight if Casey decided to fight back.

"Oh s**t, I thought he was going to ignore me"
 By the way I am not having a go at Casey's weight just showing a photo, where a clearly bigger opponent is having a go at a smaller kid.

There was also a video going around, showing an interview with Casey, where he actually states that he has spent his entire school career ignoring bullies and they continue to pick on him because they see him as an easy target because he doesn't fight back. And that's the thing I think these academics sitting in their Ivory towers forget.

Ivory towers - Home to academics and Moonchild

What they are saying and I don't disagree with, is that violence leads to more violence, and by ignoring it, people can stop the cycle. But like Casey said people see him not retaliating therefore not a threat to them, so they can just abuse him and never suffer the consequences. In the ideal academic world, an adult would see this violence or abuse and tell the bully to stop and he would.

If they had Han Solo doing this, it might work
But the problem is twofold, most of the time this abuse is done out of the vision of adults, and the victim is too scared to report it, and secondly the bully has no respect for the adult. This is mainly because the PC world we live in, when people deserve second, third, fourth chances, so the punishment they will receive is minimal. In fact, they would probably not punish the child at all and blame it on environment or Hollywood or something that is not the child at fault.
This is your fault Muhammad Ali you and your glorifying violence!!

If on the other hand you attempt to bully a kid and you get vertical suplexed into the ground, you are going to think twice about bullying again aren't you?
The other issue that this academic has ignored, is the fact the bullies were filming this event. This leads to two issues, one there was a group of people harassing Casey, so the bear hug approach wouldn't help, because Richard's little mates would probably back him up. Secondly they were FILMING it, do you really think they would leave him alone if he walked away, they wanted this to be seen, so they would not be happy with footage of a kid walking away, this is never riveting footage.

Okay so that one time it was great footage (0.15 - 0.36), but I am pretty sure the bullies weren't aiming for that. They were looking to make him cry, or at least get some good punches in from Richard. So ignoring the issue would not make it go away. I would be interested in others thoughts on this, but for mine Dr Carr-Gregg Underthought this situation.


  1. I too think that Casey had completely the wrong reaction. Firstly, he slammed the little shit horizontally, thereby not cracking the little fucker's skull open like a rotten egg. Secondly, he completely failed to follow through by stomping the bullying little cunt's empty, thuggish head into the concrete. I hope next time this happens, Casey does the right thing, and leaves the cowardly little cockfag eating through a straw.

  2. Hmmm, yes that is one way to deal with things, but if he did that Chris, then he might be wanted for Murder or GBH, so he would need to find a safe house so he could lay low for a while.

    I think Casey did enough to alleviate the treat.

  3. I like the way Chris thinks.

  4. same here fukin loser that richerd kid hes lucky i fuckin wasnt there i would have backed him up casey's the maddest fuckin kid in australia

  5. No ones ever gonna pick on Casey again, I'd say. Unless Richard has a large older brother who is an expert at Ju Jitsu...

  6. Looking at the comments, the problem appears to be that people either walk away or beat the crap out of the bully and hospitalize him. Believe it or not, at one time the child who was bullied just knocked the bully down enough to make a point. Unless the bully was an idiot and kept coming back. In trying to make the world less violent, it seems we have in fact escalated the violence. Now if you don't walk away, you go for homicide. Bad choice--both the homicidal rage and the trying to deny that some people just need a really good smackdown sometimes.

  7. I learned today the appropriate response to a 12 year old throwing a kitten against the wall and breaking its leg is to beat the hell out of the kid, kick him in the nuts, break his arm. People have reached an never-thought-possible level of stupidity. I am shocked that more children don't "beat the hell" out of anything that bothers them. After all, that's the solution.


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