Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Underthinking Candy Consumption

So today I received a bag of Fruit Bursts with only the Banana's left. The reason for this is last week whilst playing Star wars monopoly I was offered Fruit Bursts, and asked what my favourite flavour was. I told the person offering me the Fruit Burst that I didn't have a favourite and I just took whatever one my hand rested upon.

"You what?"

The offerer of the candy could not believe that I had no preference. Over the course of the evening as everyone scoured the bag for their favourite flavours, and leaving behind the dregs, I was getting more and more Banana flavoured candies. This lead to believe Banana was my favourite flavour, I tried to explain this was due to Banana being others least favourite flavour, and there being more in the bag, but she was not buying.

" because less people like Banana, there are more left....."
So I have been labelled a Banana lover, and I don't think I am going to be able to shake the title. But I am no more a Banana lover, than a mint lolly out of the part mix lover, or a white/black jelly bean lover. I just happen to eat all those candies because I don't mind them, and I am not a lollist, I treat them all equally.

The original Klu Klux Klan members just didn't like Black Jellybeans, somewhere along the line the message got distorted.
But this event got me thinking about the other Candy related stories I have been thinking about.

Hard Lollies vs Soft lollies

The other day at a staff morning tea I noticed that they had replaced the standard bowl of soft candies with Hard candies. I wondered if this had something to do with the candy budget getting out of hand.

"How are they spending so much on Candy?"
 You see the problem with soft candies is you can literally just sit there grazing on the candy, the average time for morning tea ~30 minutes, average amount of soft candies I could conceivably eat in that time is about a million.

One candy at a time is for wimps
But since they moved to the hard candies, my and probably the rest of the staffs candy consumption has fallen dramatically. The average time to eat their new hard candies ~ 2 hours.

I am pretty sure the Department consulted with this man to curb my candy consumption.
 I pop the first candy in my mouth when I arrive and then I can do nothing else, the rest of the candies are safe.


  1. Hard candy is great, however you are left with a tough decision with consumption. You can suck or crunch. Crunching allows for faster consumption and thus more candy, however, crunching leaves little bits of candy in your teeth all day you need to pick out. Sucking makes it last longer (less candy consumed per hour, can be seen as either a pro or a con), however, you run the risk of creating a razor sharp edge or fracture in the candy (A common occurance with Aeroplane lollies, for example).
    Crunch or Suck, a question for the ages.


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