Monday, July 4, 2011

Underthinking Runaway bride

I should start by saying I am not going to give a blow-by-blow Underthinking account of the delightful 1999 Rom-Com featuring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Just delightful
 So if that is what you are expecting , I am sorry to disappoint you, the main reason is the amount of underthinking in that movie would require me to start a new blog (patent pending).
No I am more intrigued by the reports coming out of Monaco that Prince Albert's new bride had tried to runaway three times before the ceremony.

I think the main reason the train is that big, is so she is easier to catch.
Princess Charlene is from South Africa and there are a lot of claims that this is an arranged marriage and she didn't want to have any part of it.
Apparently she first attempted to run away when purchasing her wedding dress in France.

"Is everything okay in there Charlene, I though I heard a plane taking off"
She was caught though, and they took her passport off her, so her next attempt was more ambitious, apparently she tried to escape during the Monaco Grand Prix they don't say how, but I like to think she tried to steal one of the cars.

"Have you seen my fiancée, I thought I saw her down in the pit lane?"
But alas she was caught again, most likely while she was trying to reverse the car out of the pit lane.

"She said the wall jumped out at her"
I kid, I kid, I know girls can drive, don't send me angry emails please.
Anyway, I think maybe Prince Albert should have taken the hint the woman keeps trying to escape every chance she gets, I am pretty dense when it comes to trying to figure out what woman are thinking about me. But I would like to think if a woman tried to leave the country instead of being with me I would pick up on that. Actually I might need 2 times, but I would definitely know before the third time.

At this point I would think I am still in with a shot.
But why does she not want to be with Prince Albert, is it because he is bald? because he is 53? because he has multiple illegitimate children? Because he looks like this?

"My illegitimate children told me Bling was cool"
I actually think its more to do with the fact that she sat down and realised she would be known as Ms Prince Albert. I am not sure if everyone is aware but a Prince Albert is a particular type of piercing, and it isn't on your face.

Here's a clue to show you a Prince Albert, a man would have to take off his pants
Yeah just imagine the connotations of being known as Mrs Prince Albert.


  1. They can call their first child Ring?

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