Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Underthinking Greenpeace

Let me caveat this post, by saying some of my favourite people are hippies, I enjoy them for their carefree and fun outlook on life.

Look at them embrace life, Go Hippies!
But their is a sinister side to these hippies, and unfortunately they ruin it for the rest of the hippies.

And they own Warships
Look I have no problem with people disagreeing with other peoples outlook on life, but I do have a problem with having the opposing opinion shoved down my throat. Just recently in NZ we have seen these hippies protesting the exploration of oil of the coast of NZ. They are worried about pollution, but despite the high profile cases of oil spilling in the Ocean, most oil rigs extract oil with no pollution at all.

How Greenpeace thinks Oil rigs work.

 Look I am not sold on the fact we should be drilling Oil off the coast of NZ, but this company has paid for the survey rights to that area, and are acting under the law. Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell said calling in the navy to deal with the protest smacked of Libyan tactics, well no it doesn't Mr Flavell it is more like calling the police to remove people trespassing on your property.

"It's okay, I have called the police"
 I am not even sure what Libyan tactics mean, I know there has been a lot of talk in the news lately about Libya, but its Libyans fighting Libyans, so what side are using Libyan tactics?

And which side stole the plutonium and gave it to Doc Brown.
Regardless if you agree with the corporations or not they tend to have gone through the proper channels to do their explorations, granted sometimes they don't. But despite Captain Planets insistence most industrialists are not evil geniuses.

The BP annual picnic.
These corporations use legal, and political channels to move forward with what they want to do. Greenpeace however think they are wrong, so they can stop this happening by getting in the way, destroying property and often putting people's lives at risk.

Granted it is often their own lives
You know who else thinks they are right, and use any means possible to get their point across? That's right every Terrorist, Dictator and Military Regime on the face of this planet.
So the hippies don't want us to use Oil, okay then we will build hydroelectric dams. 
No, that will destroy our rivers!!
 Okay freaking Hippies, we will build wind farms.

No, it will destroy our views!
Okay, you stupid hippies, we will build Nuclear Power plants, the cleanest, most efficient power in the world.

Just no.

What they want us to use, is experimental and inefficient, and unreliable power options, like solar power, or tidal power. This would be okay if the population of the planet was 100,000. But it is over 6 billion we need the most efficient power resources we have at our disposal. That is the problem with the Hippies they know what they don't want, they just haven't really given a lot of thought about what happens if they got their way.

Hmmm you have given up using Oil, now what?

 For example their claims we should all eat organic food, because it is better for the environment. Yes but the use of pesticides and fertilizers have allowed us to increase food production by 200% in 70 years, without this increase there would not be enough food for every one on the planet. Current estimates say that if we all had organic food we could feed 4 billion people, that is a lot, but it kinda of means 2.5 billion people would be going without food.

Well if we could convince these two countries not to eat we should be fine.
And don't get the hippies started on GM food, it is bad for us! Science is evil, we shouldn't trust it. Despite the fact this GM modification can make food resistant to disease, and allow it grow faster, helping us feed the planet.

How Greenpeace see GM food.
Sometimes their two goals cancel each other out, they protest farmers in NZ feeding their cows palm kernel, because Indonesians are cutting down protected forest to grow it. Okay fair enough hippie, but palm kernel is waste product, do you know what from? Its what's left over when you make Palm oil, do you know what that is used for Hippie? To power your biofuel cars? So really you are destroying the forest, and the farmers in NZ are just trying to mitigate your monstrous creation, what say you?

Just shut up.
So yeah, I love Hippies, and because this is my blog it is my personal opinion, and if you want to prove me wrong or argue with me, please do so in the comments.


  1. Y'know that palm kernel no longer meets the definition of waste product because:

    1. Native forests are being chopped down to produce the kernel, not just the oil.
    2. They sell it for money.

    It's a by-product, but it's a by-product that has taken over the oil as a reason to destroy forests and plant palm.

    And nuclear energy isn't efficient. In the NZ context it's the most expensive way we could produce our power. And wind and solar aren't experimental. Y'know those big wind farms in Central Otago - they're producing power, not running an experiment.
    Also, this is a pretty good blog post:

  2. Spot on Azza.
    Would I like to use solar and win power, and not have Indonesia's palm forests cut down. You bet!
    Do I think ceasing and desisting on everything the green left wants (if we can actually get a consensus on what they want) is realistic or sustainable? Hell no.

  3. @kyle I never said Wind was experimental, I said the hippies didn't want it cos it ruined there pristine landscapes.

    If they are selling the waste, doesn't mean its not waste.

    Also I think you will find out of the power sources we use, Nuclear power is one of the most efficient

    @ozPete Yeah I guess my complaint is not what the hippies are trying to do, just they haven't thought of the ramifications of their advice.

  4. I'm not sure you can conflate environmentalists with NIMBYists. They're two entirely separate beasts.

    I'm all for nuclear power, but the problem is that nuclear is a very uneconomic way of getting energy - why do you think governments the world over can't get any private investment in new plants? Anyway, last year renewables provided as much electricity as nuclear in the US, so it's hardly like renewables are 'experimental' - more like they are becoming mainstream.

    That said, people here in Australia are opposing wind farms on the basis that wind turbines give you cancer. Now that's underthinking it.

  5. Nuclear is not expensive due to the actual costs of production, but rather due to the irrational fears of human beings. No one will insure or build plants because of lawsuits. It's like buying in the Love Canal area--whether or not there were chemicals is irrelevant. People BELIEVE there were and belief overrides any reality in the matter.
    Building turbines and solar panals takes millions of tons of refined minerals, ores, etc. Rainforests are cut for mining now. "Clean" energy is not saving rainforests. Nor is it reducing mining, chemical plants, etc.

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