Monday, April 4, 2011

Underthinking Double Down

The Double Down
For those of you unaware KFC in America has had this "burger" for a while and it is now heading down under to Australia and New Zealand. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept basically it is a lot of burger's you are basically filling up on bread, a tactic restaurants use to make more money off you, presumably because they take your actual meal you couldn't finish and reuse it for the next sucker stuffed full of bread. It works best as a tactic and all you can eat restaurant, less questions from the health inspector.

"That's right eat the free bread, Eat!"

 so what KFC are  doing is just ditching the bread and making the a burger wholly out of filling. They should be praised for this, we are now no longer filling up on bread just enjoying all of KFC's goodness.

"We shall erect a statue to forever remember his work in eliminating filling up on Bread"
Instead they are being lambasted because all the fat present in the burger, by freaking idiot nutritionists, seriously this the entire meal consists of two patties and some bacon and cheese. The whopper burger and Big Mac both have two patties in them, but they are okay? is that because the presence of bread soaks up all the fat.

It doesn't matter how many patties there is bread.
Incidentally the Big Mac has a higher calorie input than the Double Down, just saying.
The other thing I don't get is they are going on about how unhealthy it is, and that is a bad thing for the country, but the burger comes from KFC, if someone is going to KFC to get all their healthy eating needs they have bigger issues.

"I don't understand, I am covering all the major food groups, chicken, potato, gravy and pepsi"

I don't think the rest of us should miss out on some sickly indulgence once and while, because some Fat guy or girl, can't differentiate their needs and desires. I mean with all things everything is fine in moderation its not like you are being forced to eat yourself to death, well unless you are the guy in se7en.

If you are this guy you may have an argument about being forced too.
The same people complaining about the double down, are also up in arms because KFC have introduced a healthy option? WTF? seriously your burgers are too unhealthy! Your meals are too healthy! I think this nutritionist wasn't allowed to go to KFC as a child and wants everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

"I wasn't allowed KFC, so no one should be allowed to have it"

Their argument here, is people will not change their habits to the healthy options so you will have the same amount of people having unhealthy food, and just new customers eating the healthy option. So what?! Who cares, if I go to KFC it is for the unhealthy food, as long as I don't indulge to often who cares?

Sure he is eating a salad, but his friend Mike behind him is still getting a Double down

It seems to me nutritionists view the world as a place full of idiots that don't know what is good for them to eat, so they need to make a world where only good food is available, otherwise we will all die, because we want be able to stop eating the bad stuff. 
But to me life is about choices, and everyone is entitled to choice what they eat and a while I may not agree with your desire to drink a gallon of lard, I will fight to the death to allow you to drink that lard!
You drink your lard my friend!
So I say, give me a Double Down, it sounds delightful!


  1. Given the number of times that the word 'argument' appears in your blog, I vote that you learn to spell it correctly.

  2. There are worse burgers for people like the KFC Zinger burger is actually worse for you and don't get me started on Burger Fuel or Wisconsin. I do have one issue though, how do you eat it? By holding greasy meat? The cheese and any sauce also don't help the nutritional value.

    With so much publicity it will be popular initially and then demand will dwindle and they will move it on like they did with the glorious Burger Tower.

  3. @Kyle I used argument twice, i got it right once of the times. (yes I know)

    @Scotty I love eating meat straight off the this my interest me in a food item...

  4. i bought a works burger threw away the trash, added another fillet and a bit of bbq sauce. in training. it tasted like katie perrys tits probably would

  5. @anonymous I like your style, I admit my pre-double down training has been woeful, I should get onto it. If I want my arteries to handle it.....

  6. While we are on the subject of spelling, you splelt the word 'too' incorrectly and used the word 'and' quite alot as well.

  7. Just for the sake of argument (cause it's boring when we all agree) if I fight for your right to clog your arteries with fast food, can I fight for you to be struck of the public health list, so I don't have to pay for your bypass with my taxes?

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