Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Underthinking Robertos Carlos

Recently at a pub quiz we were asked to name the Top 20 artists of all time by sales during the list section. The way the list works is your name 10, and as soon as you name one that isn't on the list you stop scoring. We failed due to the fact we named U2 in spot 4, when in fact they are more like 30th.

Although Bono is the number one shopper at Sales.

We missed quite a few people namely Celine Dion, who in my mind has only ever sung that song from Titanic, so I assume everyone who brought a ticket to see the movie got a discount CD, which counts towards sales.

People could get enough of "My heart will go on"

and Nana Mouskouri,the great Greek Pop/folk artist....

..also specsavers number 1 model
Given that a great soccer player by the name Roberto Carlos also came out of Brazil I had to check if they were the same person.
Not the same, but he looks like he could pound out a power ballad
 So I did a search and found something that would change my life forever, quite possibly the greatest photo ever taken.
Roberto Carlos

I don't even know where to begin in describing this photo, it is just beyond awesome, I literally laughed out loud for a solid 10 minutes.

I mean on first appearance this is the typical pose of a Latin American pop star. Note his classic mop-style hairstyle, his nonchalent arm going around the woman in front of him, he is obviously making a move, he has his other hand on his jutted out hip, to display a carefree attitude.
His clothes also are typical a shirt open down to his belt buckle, almost to say I have a great torso, but I really need to work on my arm muscles before I can go completely shirtless.
His necklaces look like he has just spent the last couple of years in a hippie commune enjoying the swinging 60's and the free love associated with it.

 So far so good, however there are two things that remove the allure of mystery from this photo.

1./ The Location.

Note before I said it looks like he is coming onto the woman in front of him, looking closer I know see two men behind him. He is obviously in a queue for the unisex toilets. The arm against the wall, that I initially thought was trying to entrance the woman is in fact holding him up after he has spent 20 minutes waiting. The hand on the jutted out hip, are not signs of him wanting to mate, he is trying to hold on, which brings me to the next point

This man is waiting for the toilet note the exact same body position

2./ The Facial expression

Despite the sexual bravado the body language appears to be displaying the face is selling him short. I have two theories

a. combined with the location he actually just really needs to go, and is grimacing

b. He is a confused man.

Some one said hey Roberto put on a sexy pose, and he was uncertain what to do. They said put one hand on the wall and the other on your hip. He did the moves, but is conveying through his eyes that is uncertain of the sexiness of this pose. As if to say "Really? you think this will turn the ladies on, I don't know man?"

"You really think this is sexy?"
I ask you the underthinking community, what do you think young Roberto Carlos is thinking in the above photo, please post suggestions in the comments.


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