Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delhi underthinking so far

So last week, I talked about how much I dislike the Commonwealth games, but I am a sports addict and if something is on, I will watch it.
A couple of things I have learnt so far....

1/ Moss Burmeister is fat

 Okay so they didn't explicitly state he was fat, but this quote caught my eye.

"The theory is that Burmester's big-boned frame was assisted by the streamlined suit more than his rivals." 

This was in response to the fact Moss has failed to post impressive times since the full body suits have been made illegal.
Now I have been around enough PC people to know what big boned means....

Hey, I am not fat, I am just big-boned
What I want to know is how good are these body suits, I mean I knew they took like 6 days and a team of 7 to put on, but I wasn't aware it was because the swimmers were overweight

Without swimsuit
With Suit
If that actually work that well, why aren't more fat people just wearing them around under their clothes, like those special undies that get advertised on tv at 3 am between the total gym and the magic bullet, that remove your little pot belly.

2/ When running a commonwealth games it is not important to invest in quality measuring devices.

Two stories here the first

So on the weigh-in day at the boxing, the scales being used were 1.4 kilo out. So all the boxers thought they were 1.4 kilos heavier than the actually were.
Big whoop I hear you say, I fluctuate that much over lunch. The problem is for boxers every gram is critical. In the muscular human beings power-to-weight is a fairly linear thing, so the closer you can get to the upper limit of your weight class the better. Boxers therefore tend to push the boundaries, this is why you see them stripping to their undies or further during weigh-ins.

I told you I was wearing my 2 kilo undies.

So thinking your 1.4 kilo over is a big deal, the boxers all got into a panic sweating furiously to meet their weight requirements only to be told the scales were out. This means many of the boxers will not be at their peak.

What do you mean the scales were out?
The other story was on the radio, there are reports coming out of India that the 10 metre diving board is actually 10.7 metres high.
That's almost a metre, that's not an insignificant distance.

Honey I told you NOT to use the guys from Dehli games.

Again these athletes have been training for years, getting their timing perfect, so that they can complete all their rotations before hitting the water. Being 0.7 metres out is going to mean a lot of the divers will be over-rotating. Although this could help boost the audience, more chances of crashes, its what I like to call the NASCAR effect

Only reason any one watches NASCAR


  1. This is possibly not a good place to let you know that, even worse than my Olympic failure, I didn´t actually even know the Commonwealth games were on. Mum said in an email "I´m enjoying watching the games", and I thought "odd", Mum never watches sport. Three days, and a less ambiguos comment later.... . But, I say this all, cos I am thinking that you may be pleased that I am not living in a country of common wealth. Chau!


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