Monday, November 7, 2011

Underthinking Racist Caddies

Where have I been? I have been trying to liberate the town centre from hippies. Unfortunately I am a pacifist and hippies while unemployed and smelly seem to have a encyclopaedic knowledge of NZ legal system and have managed to find loopholes that let them live rent free in the Octagon.

The current US Supreme court justices circa 1970.
Seriously do they just discuss legislation during their drum circles? But enough about hippies I am trying to wean myself off talking to them, due to their ability to constantly talk in circles, their conversations last forever.

This hippy died when his wife tried to ask him if he wanted coffee, and he just kept responding I am the 99% and corporate greed. Incidentally his wife never did find out if he wanted that coffee.
What has perked my interest today is this story pretty much is what it boils down to his Tiger Woods ex-caddy (read professional bag carrier) Steve Williams ...

I am currently on minimum wage + tips, if this was a set of golf clubs I would be on 10% of millions of dollars.  I made a poor choice.

...said he when awarded the prize for best caddy celebration that ''It was my aim to shove it up that black arsehole.''
Now I know what you are thinking amateur proctology is not the best reason to win an award.

"Seriously I thought you were kidding, I could have lived with an Oscar, but a Golden Globe!"

But apparently people are upset at the racist comment, that I have somehow missed, I know he referred to it as black, but that's not racist. Its not discriminating Tiger woods for the colour of his butt, and remember we are talking about golf, where some people probably would have discriminating Tiger for the colour of his butt in years gone by.

I am looking at you Augusta.
Its not the cleverest or most witty line in history, but bearing in mind what Steve Williams does in his spare time....

A regular culture vulture.
.. it was probably the best he could come up with, and it certainly wasn't racist.

If I told you to go get the white guy for an interview, I am not being racist, I am being informative
*Note I am aware in this picture I could have said guy with lanyard or watch. But lets presume I just knew there were two guys one black, one white who were wearing the same t-shirt, but had no idea about the number of accessories they had.

I fear that we are becoming too sensitive in this day and age, just referencing someone's skin colour isn't racist. If I attribute traits to someone because of their skin colour then I am being racist.

However if I reference someone's skin colour and you call me a racist for doing so, then I can't help but think you have automatically attached negative stereotypes to that skin colour making you the racist one.

Also before I leave I want to tell you about my 6th form English class we were asked to cast "The Crucible" and when it came to the ministers slave from Barbados, we all thought Whoopi Goldberg would be a good choice. We were told that was just stereotyping, by our English teacher, however he didn't bat an eyelid when we were going through old actors to play the elderly minister

Starring Justin Bieber as the 70 year minster, because we don't stereotype in this class.


  1. Very good! I have long questioned why using a physical charactertic to describe someone makes you racists, sexist, etc. Of course, it doesn't and that is the point. It's a description--not social commentary!

  2. but the point is, if steve was saying it to someone else who was white, he wouldnt say i wanted to shove it up his white arsehole. he would just say his areshole. its the fact that steve brought tiger's race into it when it wasnt relevant.

    1. But Anon, you are now putting words in Steve's mouth, you are assuming he wouldn't say white arsehole because you wouldn't.

      If Tiger Woods was white, Steve Williams might be the type of person that would include that modifier.

      Its not racist, there is no overtones that having a black arsehole makes you any inferior to someone with any other coloured arsehole. It is merely used as a descriptor...

      Thanks for your comments though.

    2. That is fair enough, I was basing it on the assumption that Steve would say that.

      I guess we'll never know until he talks about shoving something up a white guy's arsehole and see how he phrases it.

      He surely must be overdue for calling someone an arsehole by now.

      Keep up the blog by the way!

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