Monday, September 13, 2010

If you drive and underthink...

On my way to work this morning I notice two particular driving habits that I find particularly annoying.
The first of which is driving in the rain with your lights off, the problem with this habit is invariably the vehicles that drive around with their lights off are not bright red or highlighter pink. No these vehicles tend to be road-metal grey, or wet-road black, colours that don't tend to lend themselves to visibility.

I don't need my lights on I am highly visible.

The other common factor that these vehicles have is they tend to be driven by drivers, that can't understand why other people are pulling out in front of them, or merging on top of them. I am beginning to wonder if these people just really like surprising people so they drive in stealth mode so that they can toot at others. This I wouldn't mind so much if they had a "la cacuracha" horn, but alas its normally just a standard horn. These are the same people that sneak up on people at parties and pop balloons or yell "boo" I am guessing.

McCain likes to drive with his lights off...
These drivers would also be the people if they did crash into you, would ask rather genuinely why you didn't see their car. To which you could quite probably genuinely answer no I did not see your invisible car.

Dude, I still can't see your car.

The second act is the person that figures since they will be turning off the road, they are now entering, almost immediately they won't need to check for a gap in the traffic.
I am not sure if you have encountered these people, they are the ones that are parked on the side of a road, and will be turning off at the next intersection, so they will be in your lane for maximum half a block, so figure no matter when they pull out they won't disrupt the flow of traffic.

We are ninja drivers they won't even notice us on the road.

Now I am not sure what gives them this impression, the amount of room you need to be driving on a road is more a spatial question then a temporal one. It doesn't matter if you will be on the road for 2 seconds or 2 hours your car still takes up the same amount of room. Unless there is something that I am unfamiliar with advanced physics (which I very much doubt) that means if you are on the road for less than 2 seconds a wormhole opens up, bending space, so any traffic behind you will be able to pass through you.

Freaking Millennium Falcon pulled out in front of me again

Please people when driving try not to underthink it.


  1. That's not underthinking, that's retardness ...

    The people that don't turn their lights on in reduced visibility are also the same dumb asses that think their lights are only there to allow them to see where they are going - failing to realise that they also other help people see THEM.

    Some countries even mandate by law that you leave your lights on 24/7 regardless of weather conditions just to make sure that you have them on when you need them.

  2. A wise and important point to make Aaron.. and i see it has invoked some kind of "remote road rage" from Mr Hellyer there, im sure calling people dumb-ass retards is only going to fuel the confrontation..

    I was once told by a dear friend, Brother Dylbo Carse, that driving with your lights on AT ALL TIMES results in a theoretical reduction in roads accidentds by at least 7%. Now Dylbo's father is involved with the Law and Order administration of Aotearoa AND any potential reduction of the road toll cant be a bad thing (personally i believe in the public being restricted to electric vehicles almost solely based on the principle that the cars would never travel fast enough to kill anyone!), so from that day I began driving with my lights on at all times. Coincidently not long after that i was informed by a friend that a lot of luxury european cars were now being produced so that the headlights of the cars were "on" to some degree the moment the engine had been turned.. why only the luxury cars? well I figure either the people driving them are wanting to do everything they can to avoid getting hit and hence avoid expensive repairs, or they are on average so blah'zeigh about how they drive the manufacturers have decided to increase the cars safety features, OR (the reason i currently support) it is simply the worlds "fattest" selling point! The "fat" being the difference between cost price and sale price, as opposed to "phat" being the coolest, or "ph@t" which is the passing of an "acid test"..

    long story short.. haha.. I drove for several months with my lights on at all times purely as a road safety measure.. unfortunately I was living in Christchurch at the time which ment I had to desist the practice, i had begun being ridiculed as pretentious because i was driving a Commodore, "you wouldnt do that in a cheep car they would protest". And so it goes on in Christchurch.. we all either get what we deserve, or better.. ae Az..

    Point being, we can solve this problem that so eurks you, (or eurks you so) by simply encouraging people to ALWAYS DRIVE WITH YOUR LIGHTS ON! it could save lives..

  3. Dude, that's not the Millennium Falcon. That's clearly a Type-II shuttlecraft.

  4. Yeah the Millennium Falcon pulled out in front of the vehicle in the picture....The Type-II shuttlecraft was making the comment


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